Monday, June 27, 2005


This is my first post and my first experiment with blogging.
I work in an IT company and my favourite pastimes are the weekends, which I usually spend trekking or exploring the world around me. My favourite grounds have been the western ghats till now. Hope, I'll upgrade myself soon and will be roaming around the Himalayas in near future.
The western ghats really fascinate me. The same place in different seasons, different places in different seasons, different places in the same season or same place in the same season always reveals something new.
I sometimes get confused whether I'm exploring the world around or am I exploring myself. I would like to mention a famous saying in kannada 'desha suttu athava kosha odu' (Explore the world or read the scriptures). These are the 2 ways to gain knowledge. I would always prefer the first one.
I'm reminded of a saying by Einstein 'Whenever I see the sun, moon and the planets, I always feel that there are many bigger things in life to worry about'. I may not be exact in quoting it, but this is what I always feel whenever I'm in front of the mighty mountains or the vast sea.
Mainly through this site I intend to publish writeups, travelogues and photos of my treks. I hope this will be of use to many a like minded people who intend to worship nature and not to exploit it.


RK said...

Firstly, welcome to blogosphere :) Looking forward for your writeups :)

May you get to make a few more trekking friends thru this site and may we relish nice writeups and pics,

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Satish S Nandihalli said...

Excellent views and ideas.
by satish.s.nandihalli