Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What is the purpose of education?

Recently I had been on a cycling expedition to Makalidurga, which is near Ghati Subramanya. Makalidurga is a small village. It also has a small, but beautiful railway station. The place got its name due to a fort which is on a hill nearby.
The fort on top is in ruins, but it is very big in area. The fort must have been built during the rule of Palegars.
As such, as very few people visit the place, the place is quite clean. The fort walls are not dirtied by names inscribed on them everywhere, except for some names which appear to have been etched recently.
The reason why it attracted my attention was, it was done by the so called educated folks. The art work appears to have been done by the 2005 civil batch of Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology. It appears as though they had come prepared with paints(of different colours) with an intention to spoil the monument.
I really wonder, how people think that their names will remain eternal by painting it on the monuments. When the monuments themselves are struggling to withstand time.. how can their names remain? Seems like a joke. But it hurts to see the monuments in such a bad shape.
Great men become eternal by their deeds and not by merely inscribing on stone.
The funny part was, when we told some shepherd boys not to allow people to do such activities, I was stunned by their reply. They told, they would never allow any person to spoil the pride of their village. When they saw that I had a camera, they also requested me to take snaps of the inhuman act and publish it in newspapers.
So, who is educated, the Civil’05 Dr.AIT batch students, or the shepherd boys who know the value of these monuments (though they might not have attended schools)?
So, I request all who read this blog to make the Civil’05 Dr. AIT batch famous. Let the whole world know about their heroic deeds.


RK said...

There is a lack of pride and an awareness to protect our monuments. To the top of it, there is utter negligence. Awareness can be brought about by education but the pride factor has to come from within.

Guru said...

This is the main problem of our education system. It only teaches how to earn.. but not how to live.

Abhijith said...

I am really sorry for the deeds done by our college student. We in our college dont entertain these kind of things and we are going to take a action against them. Atleast we are going to put it public.

Hope this type of thing doesnt happen again from our college and other colleges too.


Anju said...

This was a worth Publishing thought in the blog....Good work. After reading this hope people realize their mistakes.

Anju said...

This is a thought worth sharing.....