Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I still have not got the answer... Why do some people(including me) do such crazy things??

Cycling from Bangalore to Chennai.. is not a joke.

I can't justify why I'm doing this.. I don't know why I've opted to torture(3rd degree) myself.
And... I don't know why I'm eagerly looking for it.

And the best part is... I'm not alone. There are many more crazy guys in this (crazy)world.

Now.. our intention is to try to generate some charity from this. Falling short of ideas.
Can anyone help???


Rk said...

Thats a good idea...(charity part). Call up local newspaper and say you are cycling for a noble social cause. Print yourself a banner for the same. To all those who meet on street, reply the reason for cycling is "World peace" or any other charitable cause you will do (instead of trying to give your "crazyness" as reason..which they will not understand anyways.)
And oh yes....all the best....and thank me for giving you link that has lead you do this crazy act...
Be crazy...think crazy...live crazy...more power to crazyness :D

smiley said...

all the best, have fun

Quizman said...

The high is worth it. I ran a marathon on April 30 and am planning an ultra (50K) this Saturday. A friend of mine ran the marathon with me, ran a 100K two days back and plans to run a 50 mile race this Saturday. [Finally, we Indians have caught the fitness bug!]

Good luck with your running/cycling!

Guru said...

-/smiley, thanks a lot.
-/yes quizman, it was worth it.
Good effort by you guys. Even I've run 2 half marathons. THis time, I'm aiming for a full marathon.
Keep it up guys..

raman said...

Hi Guru,

Nice knowing that there are guys like u around who do the odd things in the world.

I am interested in joiing ur group of bikers. Please let me know abt future trips if its not inconvenient.

Mail me at syd_carton@rediffmail.com