Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A day of Endurance test (11-Apr-2010)

Saturday, I met a few friends in my college. Occasion was to give some pre-placement tips to our juniors. AJ, me, chaitra, shesh, madhu, satish, gaurav chowdhury from 2003 batch,  ranga and pratibha from 2009 batch ... gave some intrw tips to the juniors.. donno how much was useful... paapa.. they were not yet aware of GSM/CDMA/3g/4g and I had planned to give some info on it :( ... i guess.. chaitras' session on how to face intrw..AJ,Gourav's session on GD.. and 2ppl from 2009 batch had a session on aptitude.. guess.. only those were of some value.
Rest of the day was time to laze around. Did nothing worthwhile :)
Had a run in IISc on Sunday, Science and Technology run 10k. Don't know how running will help promote Science and Technology. Atleast it'll keep lazy ppl like me ON THE RUN. Route was very scenic and well under the tree-cover. Didn't feel too exhausted though. Was able to finish in less than 54 mins. Might be my personal best ( I seriously doubt if it was actually 10k ) :P Anyways, got a nice T-shirt and a cap. My earnings for the day :). Came back home by 10:30am, finished all the routine activities. It was sunday and my mom had assigned me some cooking job too :( . Cooked, ate, slept. It was time for my next activity.
As promised to Vivek earlier, I had to accompany him on a trek to Nijagallu betta. My legs were still stiff and fatigued.. but still promise is a PROMISE ;) and when it comes to loafing around, I'm a NOMAD. :P
Again, on my Suki, left home at 2:30pm. Vivek came with Varun, Mohan and his Apache to the NICE road exit near PESIT. It was one of the hottest days in April and we were out grasping as much solar energy as we could. My Suki zoomed on the NICE road in 100s. It took around 20mins to cover 31kms and reach the Tumkur road exit. 

Nijagallu betta is a hill near Dobspet. Just in front of the Kamat Upachar, after the railway crossing. We were there by 4. We'd thought that this would be a deserted place, where I could rest till the sun sets; click some photos and get back. But, I was wrong. Theres a small temple of 'siddheshwara' and a darga amidst traces of fortification. People were coming in masses :( . And the place was also well littered :( .

Actually the place was very scenic with beautiful rock formations, one just had to edit and remove some garbage from the scene. Anyways, we went upto the summit, found a deserted calm place. Slept for a while awaiting for the sun to set. Sun god played some light and dark games and hid himself behind the clouds. No sunset, but the views were worthwhile.

We were back to  Bangalore by 8:45pm. Again, thanks to the NICE road. I also did some speed testing on my Suki. She could go upto 110kmph with a pillion rider and still had wheels firmly on the road. Good enough ...Ate, slept. Woke up next day counting my aching muscles.. I could count atleast 500 :P . Here are some photos.

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