Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1000+ kms in 2 days on 2 wheels (17th and 18th July'2010)

Officially my boxer belonged to my uncle, but it still remained with me. Had to hand it over to him at the earliest. And Karthik was asking if I could come along with him to Kukke. :)
Something striked in my mind, why not club these.
Karthik on his GS150R and me on the boxer, set out at 3:30am planning to cover most of the distance in daylight. I was struggling with the bald tyres and blunt brakes. Not to mention, the speed as well. During downhills, it would touch 80kmph though... Took some nice snaps near Kadur in some sunflower field.
Atlast, reached Nagara around 12:30pm. The route we took was Bangalore->Shimoga->Hosanagara->Nagara. After Hosanagara, it was like entering rain territory. Had sumptuous meal at my uncle's place; slept for a while and started towards Kollur at 4. From now on, it was 2 on 2 wheels. All through the rain, enjoying the views of the beautiful balebare ghats, imagining trekking kodachadri in this weather; we reached kollur by 6pm. Had darshan within an hour and thought of carrying on further towards dharmasthala, as we had a long day ahead of us.
Chilling night, drizzling rain, pitch darkness and only one headlight beam. The road never seemed to end. No sight of humans to ask for directions even if we get lost. We decided to halt at Karkala. It was nearly 11 when we reached Karkala. Checked into some hotel and called it a day.

Sunday, after breakfast, it was around 8 when we started our journey. Karkala->Belthangady->Dharmasthala. Some time was lost in repairing the GS which had developed some bend. It was around 11 when we reached Dharmasthala. Seeing the weekend crowd, we decided better to skip dharmasthala, as the main agenda was Kukke. Straightaway, headed to Kukke, had darshan before the temple closed in the noon, and started towards bangalore by 2:30pm. Rains got heavier from here, but who cares ... :P
It rained continuously till we crossed Sakaleshpur. Then after, no signs of clouds too... forget about rain. Reached home by 9pm. Then on, it was me and my bed. Straightaway leaped on my bed; and ofcourse slept on my tummy ;)

More pics here (Photo credits to Karthik)

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