Monday, March 28, 2011

HERO tamed the bull

My "HERO" tamed the bull - Cycled to Nandi hills yesterday(27-03-2011). My cycle-mate was a 53yrs young man. Hes my yoga class-mate and a drawing teacher. He had just done bangalore to Belgaum (for the vishwa kannada sammelana) non-stop (only drinks and food break, no sleep break) in 54hrs. Amazing chap. I pushed myself to keep up with him, to prove that I'm younger :P
Cycled a total of around 140+kms. The final 10kms ghat section is really challenging. Only incline, and not even a slight decline or flat area to relax our muscles. All along averaged around 25kms per hour. But the final 10kms took more than an hour. Saw atleast 10more cyclists from Bangalore. Cycling bug is catching up well.
It had been long since I had visited Nandi. If not for cycling/running. It seems to be an absolute bore. Nothing to do (I'm not talking about love birds). Lot of filth and overpriced food.But we sure had a great time. Had a good long trip on cycle after long time.

Here are the photos


Mohan said...

super maga......last time when I went there to run, I also saw many cyclists climbing nandi....

neuromancer said...

hey, are u on bangalore bikers club? u'll find lots of company for rides. Its a google group, join it