Monday, March 29, 2010

And I ran like Mad !!!!

It was the Runners For Life (RFL) Mad 5 run on March 21 and I ran like Mad. 
It was organized to mark the 5th anniversary of RFL.Just on the previous day, I was back from Tumkur biking and Ramedevarabetta trek. I was feeling very lazy. Upto the nth moment, I wanted to skip the run and just sleep. Dont know what made me wake up early at 4:30am and go for the run. My legs had not yet recovered from the previous day fatigue. Just thought of giving it a try and have some cake :P
Again, set off at 5:30am with my Suki to Prakruthi resorts near Devanahalli airport. Reached there by 6:15, warmed up a bit with 2 of my Moto-colleagues and got ready for the race. It was a relay race. Teams of 5 were formed randomly. Each lap was around 450mtrs and the total time given was 1.5 hrs. The team which completed the maximum number of laps was the winner. Initially I thought it would not be a gruelling one when compared to half marathons. I was out of practice and I also told one of my colleagues that this is one such race where the beginners' luck would work. I think I was wrong .... Luckily or Unluckily, my team had good runners. One guy was a Sunfeast 10km winner and the other was in Police dept. The other two, had practised this format of running and were well prepared. I was the only  outcast. I had to keep up with them, and didn't want to be a spoilsport. Had to sprint for 450m and my next turn would be within the next 7-8 mins. It was gruelling. I initially thought that the relaxation time between 2 runs would be sufficient, but nope... you dont' even get enough time to have a cup of water and get your breath back. Still, had to push... I averaged around 110 secs per lap. Every runner was given a token during his lap and he was supposed to drop it in a drop box with his team's number.
And it was our team that topped. We did an unbelievable 52 laps in 1.5 hrs. That comes close to 23.5 kms in 1.5 hrs!!!!!!!!!!
AND YEAH!!! THIS WAS MY FIRST EVER WIN IN A RUNNING EVENT!!!!!!!! I got Rs.3k worth Nike voucher from RFL !!!!!!!!

All credits to my team-mates. It was only because of them that even though I had still not recovered fully from the previous day's trek, I was motivated to put my best.
All throughout the run, it was the running spirit that prevailed.One young girl <10yrs old ran along with her father in another team, and she did better than most of us!!. Could see people even with injuries running without quitting. Needless to mention, the cake and breakfast was like a soothing balm on the pain :) Heres the official writeup on RFL website.

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