Monday, March 22, 2010

Today it was my turn to give it back...

I would've told many of my friends how we were tortured to puke out money(as bribe) to get back our bikes at the Bangalore Railway station after the Konkan trip. I would never have bribed anyone, but we were at the receiving end that day. If we had argued with the railway police (whose name was Ramesha), he would've somehow squeezed out a few millilitres of petrol from the fuel tanks and screwed us. Even if one of us had argued, our whole group would have landed into trouble. I hate to be in such helpless situations. My heart said not to bribe, but logic told us to pay and get out.
Today it was my turn. In the process of discovering some new route to airport road from BTP which would avoid the main road traffic, I somehow landed on the wrong side of one-way close to the airport road flyover. I don't know if there was any sign board or even if there was one, I'm not sure how visible it was. Somehow, I was in the wrong direction and spotted by the traffic cop, for reference his name was Basavaraju.
I explained him in simple words that there was no sign, or the sign was not visible and I landed up there by mistake. He insisted that I had to pay the fine. It was fine with me, but I wanted a receipt. Now, the guy started backing off. He didn't have a receipt book. He gave me a choice, to pay 50Rs on the spot or to pay 100Rs once I get a notice sent home. Saying so, he started the delaying tactics; he started handling the traffic, talking to someone, etc ... showing off as if he was too busy to handle my case. After a few minutes, he came back to me asking what I had decided; wheter to pay it on the spot or pay it at the station. I again said, anything is fine with me, given a receipt. He delayed for some more time, asked again if I was ready to pay and finish it off, else I would have to go to the station and pay it. I calmly said that the station was close by my house and it was OK with me to take that trouble. I was enjoying this... it was so funny to see him come back shamelessly again and again asking for bribe.
Finally seeing that I would not budge, he let me off with a shrinked face. He noted down my number, but I'm not sure if he would really send a notice home. His only intention was to make some quick money; for which I didn't co-operate. I'm not bothered if I get a notice or not.
But, I'm happy that I was in a position to say "NO" to corruption atleast this time. Don't know if one gets that opportunity everytime.
Oh God !! please give me the courage to say "NO" everytime.

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